Ep. 7: Logical Reasoning: Question Stem vs. Stimulus First?...

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This week’s LSAT questions:

#1: 00:00:12 - Reading Question Stem vs Stimulus first in Logical Reasoning?

And what is the best way to review logical reasoning questions? I seem to fail to be able to understand how to properly review a question or section.

#2: 00:13:17 - How can I save time on the games? I'm looking for any solid strategies I may not have yet employed. I recently tried using a highlighter to set up my diagrams (the idea being that it would prevent me from erasing my main game setup), but I'm not sure this has helped. I've also begun to abandon the practice of writing down all the rules, since I find I often refer back to the stimulus anyway.

#3: 00:18:54 - 1) How to simplify diagramming all the rules and inferences for grouping/in-out games. I have found that I spend a good chunk of time writing out all the rules and inferences along with their contrapositives. I’d like to learn how to streamline this.

#4: 00:28:50 - How can I learn how to remain calm and in control when taking practice tests, especially when things begin to get tricky? I struggle with allowing pressure and anxiety to overwhelm me in the middle of a section, thereby making it nearly impossible to recover in time to have a solid section.

#5: 00:40:08 - Do you recommend crossing out every answer choice I deem incorrect when taking a test? For example, on any given test I take, many of the problems will have answer choices that are not marked or crossed out. This is sometimes in the interest of time, but other times because I feel I have arrived at the answer right away. Do you believe this is a seriously flawed approach? Should I practice eliminating every answer choice for every single problem?


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