Ep. 6: How Does One Live the LSAT?...

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This week’s LSAT questions:

#1: 00:00:10 - The LSAT is in many respects like a language. As someone who has studied Spanish, I believe the best way to learn a language is to practice it, speak it, and live it. How does one live the LSAT?

#2: 00:11:01 - What is your advice on when we should start guessing/filling in the circles to guess (ex: when there are two mins remaining in a section, stop working and guess/ fill in the bubbles)

#3: 00:14:50 - Discussion of LR “algorithm” / method

#4: 00:24:10 - If I'm short on time in a section, is it worth spending time trying to draw inferences and drawing an elaborate gameboard, or should I proceed to the questions as soon as possible?

#5: 00:26:58 - Is formal logic still worth spending time on? It seems these questions have all but disappeared from more recent exams?

#6: 00:30:38 - When I've eliminated three answer choices from an LR question, what is the best possible way to check the remaining two against each other?

#7: 00:35:34 - What is the best way to persevere through a logic game when things simply aren't clicking? In other words, when I can't draw that game-changing inference that allows me to see my way through the game, what strategies should I employ?

Discussed: how to brute force / benefits / pros/cons - how to save time


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