Ep. 4: How to Study in the Final 2 Months...

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This week’s LSAT questions:

#1: 00:00:01 - What should my plan be for the next two months? As it stands, I plan to take two tests a week, thoroughly reviewing each one. I will also walk myself through the reasoning in every question, and examine my diagrams in logic games. Is this sufficient? I want to utilize my limited time wisely. How can I gain the most insight into the test and the areas that need improvement?

#2: 00:14:25 - Is there something I can do on a weekly basis that you think will help me most? By something I mean outside of taking practice tests or even practice sections.

#3: 00:24:20 - How do I improve my stamina? No matter how much I improve my study sessions, can't improve stamina

#4: 00:39:22 - Took a practice test and scored only one point higher than the score I achieved on the actual exam, and I feel I am far better prepared now than I was then. This is all to say that I am feeling like all my efforts are in vain, and that no matter what I do or read, nothing is translating into a significant score increase. It's as if something is seriously lacking and I have yet to discover it. What do you suggest I do?

#5/#6: 00:47:50 - How often, if ever, should I diagram conditional reasoning or any given LR problem? And how to simplify diagramming all the rules and inferences for grouping/in-out games. I have found that I spend a good chunk of time writing out all the rules and inferences along with their contrapositives. I’d like to learn how to streamline this.


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