Ep. 3: The Key to Unlocking LSAT Logic Games...

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This week’s LSAT questions:

#1: 00:01:03 - I don't immediately know what to do when I am faced with a new rule, or condition, or I am asked a "which of these could be true," or "which of these must be false," or some variant of these questions. I can make an extra inference based on the new information if it is given in the question, then eliminate maybe one or two answer options, but then I am stuck. This happens often. If I allow myself 20 minutes for a game, I will see that there was a key that can quickly give me the answer, but I don't have a methodology, a prepared pattern of thinking to see these keys.

#2: 00:10:20 - How I can drill myself in different skills by focusing on just one passage? I know just retaking sections isn’t helpful—how do I go about developing these skills strategically?

#3: 00:19:39 - When beginning to study for a retake, where do I begin?

#4: 00:24:47 - Where can I find the types of method of reasoning that may exist?

#5: 00:35:13 - How’s a highlighter helpful in diagramming?

#6: 00:42:40 - How can I become more confident in my answer choice? On a majority of questions I am down to two answer choices and thereafter I usually get very frustrated and anxious. Why am I doubting myself or falling into certain traps? The most frustrating part is when I didn’t select the answer choice that I felt confident about which turns out to the the correct answer choice.


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