Ep. 2: Increasing Speed on LSAT Logical Reasoning...

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This week’s LSAT questions:

#1: 00:01:14 - I often have problems diagramming when I see statements that start with no. Like no cats are dogs. Is that supposed to be diagrammed not cats -> dogs or cat ->not dogs? This seems to me to be an incorrect negation but I think that is what I am not understanding.

On PT 35 Sec 1 Q22 I want to diagram this as not C -> T, but to make this problem work it should be C-> not T. Can you please explain how this is not an incorrect negation?

#2: 00:07:52 - In regards to the Logical Reasoning section , how can I increase my speed when reading a stimulus and at the same time recognize the flaws, missing premises in a timely manner because I find myself pausing for a while to predict my answers which in most cases I find myself re-reading the stimulus and the clock is ticking and then I start feeling anxious, nervous, and stressed out.

#3: 00:30:36 - How do I improve at making predictions/ensure I cover all of the bases in logical reasoning?

#4: 00:38:24 - How can I save time on logic games? I can rarely comfortably finish a section with time remaining. I usually have to drop a couple questions at the end of a section because I cannot finish a game; often I have to drop a game entirely. What should I do about this?

#5: 00:46:20 - How do I make the most out of reviewing a single stimulus or passage, using it to sharpen the various skill sets? What sorts of questions, techniques, habits, and other mindset tools should I be deploying as I approach and review each passage or stimulus?


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